“The Lawless” Delivers a Perfect End for “Mauldalore” – Our Review

Mortality separates heroes from villains.

In Memory of Ian Abercrombie

For watchers of The Clone Wars and anybody who follows the news streams, we know that Ian Abercrombie, the voice of Palpatine throughout the series, had passed away in early 2012. This brought doubts to what his final performance would be or even if he had a complete performance done. News from Dave Filoni confirmed that Abercrombie’s last performance would be spectacular.

I think those of us who watched it can safely say that, yes, this performance was spectacular and definitely worthy of the title of Ian Abercrombie’s last performance (if there is nothing else that he had done before his passing). Let’s see how we get to his performance with the review of “The Lawless.”

As always, spoilers after the break.

Time to break you out.

To start the episode, we have Satine being freed from her cell by Korkie, Satine’s nephew that we met all the way back with “The Academy.” While initially stopped by another member of Maul’s Mandalorians (Mauldalorians? We’ll use that), she is saved again by another newcomer, Bo-Katan, saying that “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Satine hints that the time for them to no longer be enemies has come again.

Satine grabs Korkie’s comlink, saying that they need to contact the Jedi Council for help. They begin their route via speeders, soon pursued by Mauldalorians as they continue down their route. Katan ordered her men to fight them off, successfully doing so until another band of Mauldalorians get on their tail. One of the speeder’s engines is hit, billowing smoke and flames as they approach the docking area where a clear signal can be obtained.

Duchess Satine continues to move outwards until she can get a clear signal, sending a message to the Jedi Council and Obi-Wan Kenobi specifically. Back in the Jedi Temple, Yoda, Kenobi and Ki-Adi-Mundi gather in a conference area, Kenobi unaware of the situation until the comm message is played. He shows surprise at her appearance initially before thinking it over as the comm ends. At being asked by Yoda what his thoughts are, Kenobi notes that Ahsoka Tano made a report that Mandalore is no longer involved with the Separatists.

Mundi says that without Separatist involvement, this is an internal struggle and that they cannot do anything to which Kenobi argues against that, saying they need to help them and not let Satine become a martyr. Ever the wise one, Yoda says that while he understands Kenobi’s doubts, they need support from the Senate before going forward which is highly doubted as Mandalore is a neutral system.

Of course, when has that stopped anyone?

Back on Mandalore, Almec reports to Darth Maul that while Satine’s supporters have fled, Satine herself had gotten a message out before being captured, setting the trap for Kenobi’s downfall.

Right on cue, Kenobi appears on Mandalore in the smoking and battered Twilight and donning his Rako Hardeen armor once again to avoid easy detection. A Mauldalorian guard comes over and demands to see his landing permit, Kenobi “obliging” and taking him up into the ship for an Episode IV-esque beatdown and armor swap. With Kenobi now wearing the Mauldalorian armor, he blends in easily and heads into the city but not before Bo-Katan sees him.

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