Listen to a clip from Star Wars: Tarkin


I’ve been on an audiobook kick lately. Between the lack of attention span to turn off everything and sit in the dark with my Kindle and the lack of time in general, audiobooks have let me consume more literature lately that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to take care of. Thankfully, it seems that Random House, Star Wars’ publisher, has taken notice and has started making audiobooks of each new publication. The latest? The long awaited Star Wars: Tarkin book that follows the Grand Moff’s life. has posted a snippet of the book and the result was the above screenshot: an instant preorder on Of course, you can preorder your physical copy at your favorite retailer or buy the CD (yes, seriously) from I’ll be downloading it right away on November 4th.

Imgur Dump with 140 Star Wars Scale Models!

TIE Fighter Close Up

This is probably one of the coolest things you’ll see all day. Maybe all week (if your week is spectacularly boring like mine is). On Imgur is now a 140 image dump of models being designed, finished, and shot close up from the Original Trilogy. The above picture is a closeup of a TIE Fighter while the rest of the archive includes Star Destroyers, the Death Star II, X-Wings, and the lovely Super Star Destroyer. Spend some time oogling at the beauty of it.

Source: Gizmodo

Star Wars: Commander gets updated to Level 10

iPhone image on 2014-10-23 at 01-09-44

Yes, it is fantastic.

Disney has updated the Clash of Clans clone (and popular game) Star Wars: Commander with new content and goodies for iOS 8 users. Since we’re fast approaching Halloween, we have a new campaign on the horizon: The Sickness. If you’ve read Death Troopers, you’ll be familiar with what they’re planning to do. If not? Well, go ahead and read it.

In addition to the upcoming campaign, Chapter 10 is available to play through and conquer in addition to new units on both sides, PvP matchmaking changes to help increase the amount of time between attacks against your base (finally) and a few minor saving issues.

But perhaps most interesting for iOS 8 users is the addition of a widget to monitor the status of your buildings.

iPhone image on 2014-10-23 at 01-19-55


No longer do you have to go in to the app, wait for it to download and then load up your base to check on the time remaining for your buildings. Now you can just swipe down and check which, as a chronic addict to the game, will undoubtedly save time. It’s the small things that count.

Star Wars: Commander is available for free in the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad. Still no word on Android support (I feel your pain).

The full changelog is after the break.

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Disney Shuts Down LucasArts, Everyone Rages


I’ve been relatively quiet about the entire Disney/LucasFilm debacle as it’s gone down between time commitments and personal issues. However, this latest news is something that is so bizarrely awful, it hurts. LucasArts, the studio that brought us both fantastic and not-so-fantastic games, has been shut down according to a reliable Kotaku source. The future of the currently in-development game Star Wars: 1313 and the rumored Star Wars: First Contact is unknown.


Polygon reached out to LucasArts for comment and was told that the shift to a licensing model means LucasArts will no longer be developing games internally. Instead, the studio will be handing game development to third party developers. The studio confirmed that LucasArts will no longer be handling the development of Star Wars 1313, and it is exploring other avenues to release the game, although the future of 1313 and other Star Wars titles is currently uncertain.

It should be noted that the extremely popular KOTOR series was not solely developed in-house as BioWare, developer of Mass Effect and Dragon Age, was involved. However, the fact that 1313 isn’t for sure going to be developed is concerning for fans who wanted to see an M-rated game to come out of the Star Wars franchise for once. It’s also concerned because if it were to change houses, nobody truly knows if the game will stay the same since the people developing the game will most likely not be the same.

This hurts. This hurts a lot.

Source: Kotaku

“The Lawless” Delivers a Perfect End for “Mauldalore” – Our Review

Mortality separates heroes from villains.

In Memory of Ian Abercrombie

For watchers of The Clone Wars and anybody who follows the news streams, we know that Ian Abercrombie, the voice of Palpatine throughout the series, had passed away in early 2012. This brought doubts to what his final performance would be or even if he had a complete performance done. News from Dave Filoni confirmed that Abercrombie’s last performance would be spectacular.

I think those of us who watched it can safely say that, yes, this performance was spectacular and definitely worthy of the title of Ian Abercrombie’s last performance (if there is nothing else that he had done before his passing). Let’s see how we get to his performance with the review of “The Lawless.”

As always, spoilers after the break.

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The Time Has Come: Review of “Shades of Reason”

Alliances can stall true intentions.

Never before has a quote been so appropriate for an episode. Well, perhaps a few. But this time, you can definitely see what the writers were aiming for when they chose to use that in their title sequences. Last week with “Eminence“, we saw the forging of an alliance between Maul and Savage on one side and Pre Vizsla and Death Watch on the other. The seams of their alliances were beginning to tear at the end but this week with “Shades of Reason,” the seams are ripped apart.

As always, spoilers are after the break.

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Maul and Savage Return: Review of “Eminence”

One vision can have many interpretations.

With the arrival of “Eminence,” think it’s safe to say that The Clone Wars is definitely back in action with a fast-paced episode, continuing the arc that a number of people have been wanting: “Mauldalore.” We’ve seen it in previews for the seasons, we’ve seen screen captures and we’ve read numerous articles on it. Hell, we’ve even seen the first episode of the arc since it was the first episode of the season.

Now the time has come to continue the arc. And boy, we’re in for a treat.

As with most reviews, spoilers are after the cut.

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“Point of No Return” Ends with a Bang

You must trust in others or success is impossible.

Who says children’s cartoons have to be all sunshine and happiness? Why not add some explosions and drama? Well, it looks like Filoni and team had that thought in their mind while they worked on “Point of No Return,” the last episode of the D-Squad Arc where we have come to know and love (or hate) Colonel Gascon, WAC, and the other astromechs that were on this wild mission.

So, shall we see if “Point of No Return” holds up? As always, spoilers are below.

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“Missing in Action” Provides the Action We Were Looking For

A soldier’s most powerful weapon is courage.

The Clone Wars has made it back to the small screen after the mid-season break that seemed to go on for longer than the four weeks it spanned and, thankfully, the episode was absolutely worth the wait. In fact, it may make most everybody who was wanting action, and more importantly, clones, happy. While it’s not without it’s flaws, it’s definitely a great way to bring the season back to life.

As with most reviews, spoilers are after the cut.

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